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Do you love the game?

Stay In Shape

Refereeing requires endurance and fitness to stay engaged and able to make split second critical decisions. While referees train for games, the actual act of refereeeing games also provides exercise.


Set Your Own Schedule

Referee when you have time by setting your schedule. Block off the days you are busy or don't want to referee and leave open the days you want games. You will be out on the pitch in no time.


Earn Money

Referees have a skill set that deserves to be compensated. Whether it is supplemental income to your job or your first way of making money, it is a great way to do it by working outside doing something you love.

Referee Updates and Info


Mentor Program

If you are a first, second, or third year referee, we have a mentor program that will help build your skills and support you through your first few years. Ask a board member or a senior referee you know for more details.


Pay Your Local Dues

We have upgraded how to pay your local dues. Now you can do it right from you computer through PayPal. Just click to get started.

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Futsal Class

Scott Ashcroft from New Jersey is teaching a Futsal referee course on August 19 from 8:30a to 4:30p at Penfield High School. This is the only Futsal course being taught this year in Western New York.

Send Us A Message

Whether you have a question about how to become a referee or you have a question about a situation in a game you had and would like feedback or advice, we are here to help. Shoot us a message and we'll get back to you.